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Client Testimonials

Dear Simon, I would like to thank you for the time and effort you put into my workers’ comp claim with Separovic Lawyers. Thank you again for everything. – Aleesha

Thank you for your good work and support to all. – Joe

Dear Simon, It was a bit of a fight I thought at the finalising of my claim and I got a chance to say thank you! I appreciate kindness and consistent battling on my behalf. It really did mean an awful lot! – Maggie

Dear Eleanor, It got a bit stressful I thought at the end and I never got the chance to say the huge thank you I wanted to say. I appreciate your continual assistance during truly awful negotiations. Your kindness throughout meant an awful lot! – Maggie

Thank you so much for your work over the past few months. I’m so glad to reach the end of this seemingly never ending road and will forever appreciate your support. Warmest regards. – Shauna

Dear Tony and team, Thank you for your ongoing support and help throughout my motor vehicle claim process. I am extremely appreciative and happy with the result. All the best! – Candice

Dear Tony and Eleanor, Thank you so much. Best regards. – Denzil

Dear Tony, Aimee and Kevin, From the bottom of my heart thanks to you all for all the support along the rocky road my case. I wish you all the very best for the future. May you all be blessed with health, happiness and joy in life!. With deep felt gratitude. – Jessica

Dear Eleanor, Thank you for all the hard work and commitment you have shown me throughout the past 12 months! You are fantastic at your job and I was lucky to have chosen you as my solicitor! Keep up the great work I know you will go far in your profession. The world would be a better place with more people like you in it. – Jo

Hi Ellie, I would like to say thank you for your professionalism during our initial meeting, it was reassuring to speak with someone that could understand what I had gone through. Both Tony and yourself made me feel comfortable and confident that I had chosen the right team to help with my case, I look forward to working with you over the coming months. – Teena

I was very satisfied with my dealing with Separovic Lawyers and intend to forward a ‘Thank You’ card. Eleanor was very prompt and took the time to offer great detail in assisting with a distressing Workers’ Compensation matter. I have nothing but absolute praise for Simon’s contribution to my case. He was incredibly well researched and familiar with the circumstances and I had every confidence in his capability from the beginning. Simon was supportive and defended malicious allegations against me almost with a contempt they deserved. His fantastic contribution saved the day for me. I would certainly recommend Separovic and please forward my gratitude to all involved in my claim. – Teresa

To All, I appreciate all your teams hard work throughout the years I have been a client. I hope the end is near and please thank all your remaining staff from a let’s be honest, a sometimes hard to deal with client… my apologies. Separovics Lawyers are a fantastic crew. Polite, Empathetic and Professional always. God Bless and All the Best. – Mark

With regards to the services provided by Simon Hadlow and the Separovic team during the process, I was impressed with the level of service and knowledge given.  They were very sensitive to my mental and emotional needs. – Saso

Thank you very much for your great service and advice to my case. P.S I would highly recommended you to anyone in the the same circumstance. – Lance

Aimee, I would just like to thank Separovic Lawyers for the recent success of my injury claim. It worked out to be one third more than I hoped for and two thirds more than I expected. Obviously I hope I will not need your services again but should I hear of someone who does I will put your name forward. – Alex

Hi Aimee, Now this is all over I would like to thank you and Tony for the help over the last few years. I must say I was very stressed at times not knowing what the outcome would be. Now that it is all over I can get on with my life. You managed my case very professionally and I am very grateful for your guidance along the way. Thank you. – Karl