Our History & Philosophy

Separovic Injury Lawyers, is one of Perth’s oldest and well established Plaintiff based, Injury Compensation Law Firms. The principal and founder Tony Separovic, who in 1985 commenced practicing as an Injury Lawyer, went on to establish the practice in 1990.

Over that time, Tony and his legal team have not only developed a wealth of knowledge and legal expertise in representing thousands of injured victims in their claims, but importantly continue to be passionate about their work.

At Separovic Injury Lawyers, we love meeting and listening to our clients stories; building their cases from scratch; defending our clients legal rights in Court; being tough negotiators and very importantly delivering excellent results for our clients, often in difficult circumstances.

We have handled many interesting and complex cases, including cases litigated in the High Court of Australia; catastrophic paraplegia and tetraplegia cases, as well as many serious mining claims. However, as we believe every client is entitled to receive the same quality legal representation, we are also very happy to be helping clients with smaller claims.

Mission Statement

  1. To be proud and passionate Injury Lawyers who love our work.
  2. To help every client regain financial security and dignity following traumatic injury.
  3. To fight for every clients legal rights, no matter the odds.
  4. To achieve excellent outcomes for every client by comprehensive case preparation; skilled advocacy and tough negotiating.
  5. To settle every case on budget and on time.
  6. To be reliable and compassionate lawyers, building strong relationships with our clients and community.
  7. To build a happy workplace for both our clients and our fantastic and dedicated staff.
  8. To give back to our Perth community.

Legal Costs at Separovic Injury Lawyers can be conveniently summarised as follows:

  • The majority of clients have no legal costs to pay until the conclusion of the claim.
  • The insurance company usually pays at the end of the claim a reasonable contribution towards the client’s legal costs.
  • In addition to what the Insurance Company pays for legal costs, the client pays a gap fee, usually less than 10% of the settlement amount.
  • Medical report fees and other disbursements are paid by the legal practice on behalf of our clients, while the claim is running.
  • More details regarding legal costs are provided in each individual claim.